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Meaghamann. Watch #Meagamann Online Full Movie. First of all, a big thanks to the director for taking forward a subject in a slightly different perspective. Meagamann deals with drugs, police, undercover agent, faith, lose - all these has already been done and dusted in cinema. But this is actually a very good scripted movie which uses all these elements to its advantage. It is, though, let down a bit by its execution.
Pros: Arya is very much suitable for this role. He did justice to the role.
Screenplay is another plus as it grips the audience by throwing in something to hang on.
Dialogues - unlike traditional commercial movies, no unwanted lengthy dialogs are placed. Appreciable one.
Movie length is a big plus as it makes it more crispy.
Can be made better:
Hansika's role is almost unwanted and she is wasted in the movie.
Unwanted scenes that are targeted to bring out laugh in us but eventually fails in second half.
Editing is very good in certain parts but it lets down in certain key places.
Character importance is not given and their background is not explained well enough for the role to sink in.
Overall - a gripping enough action entertainer that will have a surprise ending! Worth for the money. Better than many commercial masala movies.




Very boring they following same pattern from ok ok. Stalin just because you have money dont spoil the entire cinema. I respect you as producer never as a lead role. நீங்கலாம் திருந்தவே மாட்டீங்களா ட. Meaghamann. Bery nice dance. Keep it up mahn... #2.02 sherin. Super da machi. Arya rocks. Music Bgm very nice. Same old story and it feels like OKOK part 3. Pls show difference in every movie if u want to survive in the industry longer. Santhanam rocks.

SUPER MASS TRAILER. இது ஒரு கல் ஒரு கண்ணாடியா  இல்ல கதிர்வேலன் காதலா ஒரே கொழப்பமா  இருக்கே... Sherin😍. Vekathle evalavu variety machan irku. Our building's watchman looks exactly like the hero of this movie... Hahahaaa... Lol... BC koi bhi hero bann jaata hien... Another action thriller after thadaiyara thaaka from magizh omising trailer arya looks cool and hansika looks so cute waiting for this film. Please Hindi mein upload karo is movie. Supp Re Relise pise Gk sinnimase Hawose full. I'm waiting for this movie. Idu latest ah. Movie will be good. expecting more only becoz of magizh thirumeni... Hi if u dont no get story, Y u westing our time.